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You’ve applied – well done!

What happens next?

You will shortly receive an email asking for a copy of your child’s last school maths report. Please email that back to us as soon as you can. We don’t award places on the basis of ability, but we do need to check that you have applied for the most suitable course and we want to be as sure as we can that students will flourish on our courses.

If you are applying over the summer, then the office will be on ‘idle’ mode, so you might not hear back from us immediately, but you should hear from us within 1-week. If you’ve applied for the “Bridging Course”, then you’ll hear back from us at least 1-week before the course starts.

We go through the applications each week, and award places in date order of application. There are occasionally a few errors, where applicants have applied for the wrong course, which is why the number of places available is always an “estimate”, but we do our very best to include all applicants that applied while there were places still available. Awarding of places can occasionally be slowed down while we are waiting for a school report.

In September, the office revs up to full pace again, so you will know within 2-3 days if your application has been successful.

We look forward to receiving your child at Math’scool and providing the very best maths tuition we possibly can.
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