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  • Course Fees for the 2020 Academic Year

       │2020 TUITION FEE Instalment#1
    Yr 11
      Continuing Students
             New Students

    Note: After year 10, the rates are different for new students to make a small allowance for the extra time we end up spending with these students, correcting their understanding of the prerequisite work

    The fees listed include a 15% for prompt payment - late or incomplete payments are subject to the FULL FEES

    One-2-One tuition fees are different - please check your fee reminder email.

    Terms and conditions (classes) are available here

    One-2-One terms and conditions are available here

  • Parent's/Guardian's Details

  • Student's Details

  • Course Fees

  • If you haven't received a fee reminder email yet, then use the fee schedule in the table above to work out the fee due; but please ensure you pay the correct fee - you can't claim the discount for prompt payment if you've underpaid the fees (but we will refund you if you've overpaid...)

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