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What’s so special about Math’scool?

Our reputation for excellent mathematics teaching (award winning in fact) has drawn students from as far afield as Northampton, Brighton and Ilford; willing to travel such long distances to attend our weekly maths tuition classes in Harrow (North London), rather than accept second best.

Head teachers, teachers, tutors (even maths tutors) have sent their own kids to us to learn maths...

Head teachers, teachers and even maths tutors have sent their own children to us to learn maths, because we are the experts and our unique multi-faceted approach delivers students who are confident at maths, enjoy the subject and get great results:

Our unique, multi-faceted approach means, in addition to great teaching, you get out-of-lesson support, so your child isn't stuck for so long, they get demoralised

This year, 73% of our students achieved the top A* grade, beating the top independent schools.
A feat that is truly astounding, given that Math'scool doesn't select students on the basis of ability.

Classes are held on the weekends, so they are suitable as complementary courses for students already studying maths at school – around 60% of our students come from independent schools, with the rest from grammar & state schools.

Virtually all (98.2%) of our students achieved A*/A grades...
                                    ...astounding, given we don't cherry pick our students

And, since each course covers the entire syllabus; at GCSE (higher level), A-level or Further Maths, our courses are suitable for students wishing to move ahead of their schoolwork. The best time to join Math’scool is in Year 9 or 10, although students can join right up to Year 12.

Our Approach to Teaching Maths

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